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Feb 11, 2019

Lani Rosales was dubbed by Austin Woman magazine as the ultimate power source for Austin’s tech and entrepreneurial communities. She is the co-owner and COO of The American Genius, a tech-focused national news site for entrepreneurs, which hosts popular monthly tech networking events offline called Big Ass Social Happy Hour or BASHH. Lani also reigns supreme as the much beloved “evil overlord” (aka benevolent, but no BS administrator) of the Austin Digital Jobs Facebook group. ADJ has about 43,000 members and serves as the online networking hub for Austin job seekers, recruiters and employers in the tech industry and beyond. Tune in to episode 4 of This is Austin to learn what it’s like for Lani to work with her husband (who is also her professional mentor), why she started Austin Digital Jobs, and her current favorite meme and productivity hacks.



Books: Cowgirl Power, Tuesdays with Morrie

Podcast: TED Radio Hour

Google Chrome tools: OneTab, The Great Suspender, Hide Like Notifications

Gmail tools:, Boomerang, Ugly Email, ToutApp

Austin locales: Mount Bonnell, 360 bridge, the State Capitol, Red Bud Trail




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